A Day in the life of Tarangire Tortilis Camp

A Day in the life of Tarangire Tortilis Camp


We’re excited to introduce our latest Tortilis Camp in the Tarangire National Park. Here’s a little of what you can expect when you visit the wonderful camp close to Arusha.


Along with our Lake Manyara Tortilis Camp, Tarangire Tortilis Camp is the closest of our camps at just 120km from Arusha. The perfect place to start your introduction to the riches of Northern Tanzania.

Whether you’ve flown into Arusha or to Kilimanjaro International Airport, it’s a smooth, straight, paved road all the way to the Tarangire turn off, a short dust road through a local village (Minjingu) to the gate of the Tarangire National Park, and a quick break getting acquainted with the local troop of vervet monkeys on hand to welcome you into the park, while your guide takes care of the paperwork with the rangers.

The road from the main entrance gate to Tarangire Tortilis Camp is an hour-long direct 52km route, much of which runs parallel to the perennial Tarangire River and will immediately introduce you to the many elephants and giraffe in the area.


Mornings are usually dictated by plans made the night before with regards to setting off on an exciting early game drive. Staff will have made a note of what time you will be taking breakfast and hot water for a shower will be ready. A breakfast brimming with choices is available in the mess area. Coffee and teas of the world along with fresh fruits, continental pastries and a full English breakfast menu are spread out to enjoy while watching the colors of the wetlands come alive with the rising of the sun.

Breakfast tip: Our staff wait on guests for all meals and can have the chef whip up a sumptuous omelette.


Many of these helpful staff are talented local Tanzanians with warm smiles and a calm a demeanour you will come to know from our staff working throughout the Tortilis Camps. There is a lot to enjoy in the communal areas of the Tortilis Camps and the staff can’t wait to take you around and share the many options.


The camp is such a comfortable place to relax in, that jumping into our Tortilis Landcruisers for a day out can feel bittersweet. In no time at all, though, the magic of the drive will enchant you and there are often elephants close by to the camp to start a magical day of safari in the thick green vegetation dominated by the majestic Baobab trees, more prevalent in Tarangire National Park than any other part of Northern Tanzania.

Our experienced drivers will take you along the riverside loops and into another large wetlands area where you can see a full array of game. Troops of over 1000 elephants and more giraffe in one stand than you thought possible in a whole park are often seen close to the life-giving force of the long Tarangire River which flows all year around.
It’s an amazing day out and includes a packed lunch to be taken at one of the rest areas in the park as well as snacks, cold water and sodas available throughout the exciting drive.

Evening Time

Arriving back at Tarangire Tortilis Camp is always a treat. Staff are immediately on hand to offer a refreshing towel and suggest a drink at the camp watering hole – bar before dinner. Just before sunset the big fire in the boma area is lit and provides the perfect way to transition from day into night. Flames flicker audaciously into the pitch-black sky while you enjoy a drink and share the exhilarating experiences of the day’s safari.

By the time you sit down to dinner the rest of the world seems a long way away from these pure sights, sounds, smells and profound feelings this rich land of Tarangire is able to stir deep inside of you.
Our Maasai staff will escort you back to your tent, which has been made ready and patiently welcomes you with soft light and a fresh warm bed.

If you would like to visit our Tarangire Tortilis Camp, contact us and our exceptional customer service staff can build a custom trip that meets your specific wishes to leave you with everlasting memories.