Lake Manyara Tortilis Camp

With the Rift Valley escarpment behind you to the west and the shallow alkaline waters of the lake to the east, Lake Manyara National Park has a very special location indeed. Our camp lies inside the park boundaries and you can wake early to catch a spectacular sunrise over the shimmering waters. But you may already be awake: the local animals share this space with us and you may hear something scratching and sniffing right outside your tent!

Many guests are surprised by the comfort that is offered here. We hope you are surprised! We are sure that you will be warmly welcomed as you absorb the magical, unforgettable atmosphere of being in the very heart of the Tanzanian wilderness.

You may be a long way from your own country, but our first-class team will help to make you feel at home. You won’t want to leave our camp, but you will want to return!